NCH Africa is all about helping children getting Education, but we do so much more!

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Water cleansing project in Khayalitsha, S.A 

Goal: $200.000 Donated: $15.000 _______________________ Water is a necessity, we all know that. In the shanty town of Khayalitsha in South Africa more than a hundred thousand people live without a clean water resource. The water there is dirty and full of disease and bacteria. With a state of the art solar powered water cleansing system NCH will be able to provide 25.000 liters of clean water every 24 hours. It will not cover everybodys needs, but will be a good start.  Donate now! NCH Africa S.A

Our mission 

While we have a lot of goals to achieve yet, we take pride in the accomplishments we've made so far. Our mission is simple; to make a difference for those who have lost hope in themselves and the rest of the world. 

We strive to make the world a better place by providing food, education, and health services to people in need. We know, it’s hard to help every needy person in the world, but we do our best to give a hand to as many people as we can. 

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Even a single penny serves its purpose

Want to change the world? Even the smallest steps matter as they can change someone’s life for the better. Join in our mission to provide nourishment, education, and health services to families in need.

Delivering Better Nutrition

A start

Our nutrition programs include nutritional recovery for malnourished children. By channelling information about nutrition to as many as possible their diets are improved and they gain strength and health. The diets in many low income countries are dominated by products that contains too much sugar. The traditional diet have in many countries been taken over by commercial and often unhealthy products.

Health & Well Being Programs


At NCH we try to promote information that can be usefull and practical. Our first aid courses are practical and helpful for everyone. But we also work with mental health issues to enable children and youth in being ready for an adult life with work and responsibilities. We believe that mental strength, know how and self confidence is crucial for all humans to succeed in life.

Education and information


We believe that education is the strongest weapon against poverty. We provide quality education targetted at a number of subjects based on universal knowledge ranging from Nutrition to Mindmapping, Math and the STEM subjects. Our platform into the curriculum in many schools. We have already helped over 50.000 students through our internet platform at NCH Africa.

Become the light in someone else's life! 

We believe that true happiness lies beneath helping people in need and doing good to others

Thank you for volunteering!

The team of our volunteers is priceless. They do not get paid, but they give the most precious thing they have — their time. Our big thanks and regards to all our volunteers over the globe.

Helping families in need

Helping to reform

Helping families socially

Helping elderly 


Take a step now, let's build a better future for each of us together

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